Waiver Wire - Hold Your Applause Review

The debut EP from the Massachusetts quartet is an energetic, frantic romp that harkens back to early days of pop-punk.

Waiver Wire are a four-piece pop-punk band who hail from Worcester, Massachusetts. The band formed early in 2018 after meeting on Craigslist and wasted no time on writing and recording music, Hold Your Applause is the bands debut EP and was released on February 7th, 2020.

Hold Your Applause may only be 4 tracks, but it is filled to the brim with energy. All four of the tracks offer something different but are an essential listen for any old school pop-punk fan. Seriously, if you put ANY of these tracks on a Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack, they would fit right in.

Lead single ‘Life in a Jar’ is a highlight of the EP and perfectly encapsulates the band’s sound. The chorus is catchy as hell, the guitars are crunchy, and the drums hit like a sledgehammer. What more could you want? Talking to Dopecausewesaid the band said that ‘Life in a Jar’ “had the perfect hooky chorus and high energy to introduce the world to our sound, and to give them a taste of what they'll hear on the EP” and they are spot on.

The ‘Corner and the Cap’ is another standout and starts the EP off with a bolt of an energy which carries through the rest of the tracks. ‘Money’s Worth’ is another standout track and, a