Until We Get Caught Interview

Until We Get Caught formed in the late summer of 2014. After 2 releases as a pop-punk band, they have completely overhauled their sound to a more dark, gritty metal-core vibe for their new EP 'Surface' which is due for release on July 31 via InVogue Records.

I recently caught up with Aleks Gershman (Unclean Vocals) to talk about their upcoming EP 'Surface', collaborating with Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens, being a scene kid and changing their sound from pop-punk to metal-core...

"The pandemic putting the music industry on halt hasn’t stopped us honestly. Yes, unfortunately we cannot play any shows, but we’re constantly promoting ourselves online in tons of music communities!"

Firstly, I have to ask this at the moment, how have you guys been coping in the lock-down, what kind of things have you been up to since the lock-down came into effect.

We’ve been writing more music and gearing up for our EP release on July 31st!