Unsigned bands you need to listen to in July.

Finding an unsigned band is a sweet deal. You have major bragging rights over your friends and even better, when the band finally begins to play sold out stadium tours, you get to look smugly in your friends face and officially say “I was there from the beginning”.

It is a fact that, at one point or another, all your favourite bands were unsigned. So, let us look at our pick of unsigned artists who we discovered this month and we are tipping to be the next big thing.


Couchsurf is not your everyday artist. From homeless to Harlem (NYC), he has not gone unnoticed. Couchsurf has travelled the country performing everywhere from private house shows to Vans Warped Tour in 2018 with Survival Kit. He aims to inspire the world with positivity and realistic views on self-growth.

His latest EP ‘Don’t Be Sorry, Do Better’ is one of the most upbeat, positive, pop tinged rock outings of the year and is an absolute blast from start to finish. Couchsurfs effortless ability to combine pop hooks, rock riffs and blues inspired grooves create a truly unique sound not to be missed. Don’t Be Sorry, Do Better’ is one of the best releases of the year so far, period.

Red Handed Denial

Red Handed Denial are a sublime metalcore band who hail from Toronto, Ontario. They combine amazing technical ability, endless ambition and astounding clean and scream vocals to create a truly unique sound that won them the accolade of Not A Phase 2019 album of the year for their album ‘Redeemer’.

‘Empire’ distills Red Handed Denial down to their most basic elements and show just what this band are capable of. ‘Redeemer’ is an insane album from beginning to end and any metalcore fans out there owe it to themselves to check out Red Handed Denial.


NORMUNDY is a spirited and passionate group which combines rock, rap, and EDM into a distinct sonic experience. Drawing influence from across the musical spectrum, the Indianapolis-based band delivers powerful lyrics, genre-breaking soundscapes, and a fiery and infectious live energy wrapped in a deep-rooted spiritual message.

Remember when Linkin Park burst onto the scene bringing rap-rock to the mainstream? Remember too how, almost in a flash, rap rock disappeared and left a massive void in the hearts of all those same Linkin Park fans? NORMUNDY bravely bring rap-rock up to modern standards and are a must listen for fans of early 2000’s nu-metal.

Shark Bait

Shark Bait are a 5-piece pop-punk band from South Yorkshire. The band mix heavy riffs, upbeat hooks, fast tempos, and catchy vocal melodies to create pop-punk with a bite. Their debut E.P 'Bare Necessities’ was released at the end of 2018 and is 15 minutes of pure pop-punk heaven.

Songs like ‘Charlie & The Waitress’ show just how talented these lads are. They start with the base of expert musicianship, add toppings of breakneck energy finish with a sprinkle of adrenaline to create the perfect slice of pop-punk pizza.

Attraction To Tragedy

Massachusetts Post-Hardcore band Attraction To Tragedy are building upon the foundation laid by their 2017 release, ‘Stigma’. ‘Agony’, their latest release, sees the band further focusing their blend of metal and emo.

Us here at Not A Phase are massive fans of post-hardcore and emo. So, when we heard the Bullet For My Valentine-esque track ‘Agony’ by Attraction To Tragedy we were instantly hooked. Agony combines crushing guitars and stunning vocals to create a track that sounds as if it has been ripped straight from BFMV early catalogue, and that is fine by us.


Fullbright are a self-described “nostalgic emo” band who hail from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The band combine pop-punk inspired hooks with emo lyrics to create a sound that harkens back to early 2000’s emo whilst also staying fresh.

‘All In My Head’ is an outstanding track which showcases just how insanely talented these guys are. If you ever enjoyed the early noughties days of emo, you owe it to yourself to check these guys out.

Late Night Savior

Late Night Savior is a hard rock band out of Northern Utah which were formed in 2014. The group has opened for acts such as Drowning Pool, Mushroomhead, Adelitas Way, Stitched Up and it’s easy to see why.

‘Sick and Twisted’ is a prefect blend of balls to the wall guitar riffs, pounding drums and insane scream and clean vocals. ‘Sick and Twisted’ is an absolute powerhouse of track and sounds like the twisted child of 3 Doors Down and Adelitas Way, In a good way.


Adelyn (formerly known as DAY) are an alternative/rock band based in London, UK. With only two band members Adelyn pack an insane punch. The band are masters at “Creating songs with an anthemic quality that fuse an infectious energy with genuinely world-class songwriting”

With ‘Blessings’ and ‘Reverie’ releasing in 2018 and 2019 respectively, things have been quiet lately in the Adelyn camp. If this is the standard they hold themselves to one things for sure, whatever comes next is guaranteed to be an absolute banger.


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