The Darkest Moment Interview

The Darkest Moment is an Alternative Metal band from Denmark. Founded in 2017 the band released their debut EP 'Midnight' in 2018 and quickly followed that up earlier this year with their stunning self-titled debut album.

I recently caught up with Oliver Kusk (Vocals & Guitar) to discuss their debut album, recording their upcoming release in lock-down, their collaboration with Telle Smith of 'The Word Alive' and what to expect from The Darkest Moment over the next coming months...

"Bands like Linkin Park, Slipknot etc. were huge sources of inspiration for all of us in our early and teen years, and I suppose watching videos or DVDs of bands like that playing live had a massive helping hand in getting us into wanting to play for ourselves."

Firstly, I have to ask this at the moment, how have you guys been coping in the lock-down, what kind of things have you been up to since the lock-down came into effect. I suppose our lock-down has been okay, everything considered.. We've all been busy doing our own things individually, but have also spent a lot of our time working on a lot of new material that we cannot wait to show to everyone!

How did you get into writing and creating