R.I.P - Something More

Unfortunately, not all bands end up with multi-million-dollar record deals playing headline shows to thousands of people all over the world. Not all bands can exist for decades still producing music. Some bands go their separate ways after releasing an album or two. The point is, no band is around forever.

But does that mean we should just forget them? Fuck no. No matter what the size of the band from playing sold out rooms to empty basements every band has fans. No matter how big the band is, to their fans following their music has given them meaning, purpose, community and even a family.

In the R.I.P feature we look at a band who, for one reason or another, are no longer together and honour them for the music they made. Just because a band breaks up doesn’t mean they disappear. So, strap yourselves in forget all the bullshit and how the band may have ended and let’s give these motherfuckers one last hurrah and remember them for the only thing that matters, their music.

Something More were a pop punk band who hailed from Bel Air, Maryland. From 2011-2018 the band released three quite astonishingly great albums. Something More MMXI (2014) Dogs (2016) and Dogs, Pt. II (2017) are pretty much pure pop punk perfection.

Let’s start at the beginning. Something More MMXI was the band’s first album released in 2014 in true pop-punk fashion, it’s an absolute blast from start to finish. The album hums with energy and is fast and frenetic for its duration. The guitars are chunky, the riffs are memorable and honestly how this album didn’t get the band onto the radio I have no idea. Songs such as Self Destruct and No, You Be Donatello are out of the box hits that are guaranteed to stay with you long after the album ends. Something More MMXI is a great debut album that is a must listen for any pop-punk fans.

Dogs was the bands sophomore effort and was released in 2016. Although technically the bands shortest effort, Dogs, still offers a great shot of pop-punk adrenaline. Talk In Circles is arguably the catchiest song the band have ever written. One thing that is noticeable straight away compared to the debut is the guitar work, the riffs are much more intricate and really help elevate the band onto a different level. All My Best Friends Are Dogs is another standout track and quite simply is another example of how this band can write some absolute pop-punk anthems.

Finally, we come to the bands final album Dogs Pt. II which was released a year after Dogs in 2017 and is an extended version of Dogs but includes acoustic versions of previous songs and the new revamped version of It’s Not About You, Pt. II. Dogs Pt. II is the way you should experience this album and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Something More may have been a relatively short-lived band, but holy shit did they create some great music. So, join me, raise a glass to the band and give them another blast. If you are a pop-punk fan or hell, even if you aren’t let’s remember the kick-ass music of Something More and hope the band Rests In Peace.