Moments Interview

Born and bred in a small Belgian town Moments channel the power of heavy riffs and catchy choruses to create a truly unique sound. Returning this year with their latest singles 'Nemesis' and 'These Walls' the band have never been more confident, energised and determined to spread their vision and definitive sound to anyone who will listen.

I recently caught up with the band to talk about their latest singles 'Nemesis' and 'These Walls', life in lock-down, writing super-human riffs and we find out which band member used to be a rapper...

"We miss the energy on stage, the connection with our fans, the good feeling after playing a good show… it always feels like coming home."

Firstly, I have to ask this at the moment, how have you guys been coping in the lock-down, what kind of things have you been up to since the lock-down came into effect.

The lock-down started at the exact moment we released our single “Nemesis”. We didn’t expect this would happen at a time where we had a lot of new stuff coming up, so that was a pretty crazy moment for us. Just like the whole music industry, we need to search for alternative ways to operate as a band. We’re focusing a lot on all our digital channels to ensure our fans can still enjoy our music. We and our families