Milestones Equal Measure RIP Review

For their 2016 debut EP, the UK pop-punk kids brought their A-game.

Just when you thought pop-punk had taken a back seat in modern mainstream media and had started to fade into the distance, Milestones release 5 injections of hook-laden infectious tracks enter the limelight and prove pop-punk is here to stay.

Milestones are an alternative, pop-punk band based out of Manchester, England. After signing with Fearless Records in early 2016, the band released their debut EP 'Equal Measures' later that same year. The album was produced by rock heavyweight Phil Gornell who has worked with bands such as 'Bring Me The Horizon', 'All Time Low' and 'Set Your Goals'.

Equal Measures may be the bands debut EP, but everything from the lyrical content, musical arrangement and production quality sound as though the band have been around for decades.

Every track is written to be a single, whether it be the infections fist pumping “Call Me a Disaster” or the stadium anthem in the waiting “Nothing left” each song is bursting with raw energy.

Equal Measures opens with “Call Me A Disaster” which perfectly set the tone for the EP. The song features an amazingly infectious chorus which invokes thoughts of summer time lovers gone by. "Call Me A Disaster" opens the EP with a tale of youthful bliss and ignorance all tinged with a sugary sweet pop punk taste.