LASTELLE Interview

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

LASTELLE are an Atmospheric Post-Hardcore band hailing from Oxfordshire UK. With comparisons being drawn to the likes of Devil Sold His Soul, Casey, Underoath, Being As An Ocean, and The Elijah; LASTELLE are writing music that blends the power and hooks of Post-Hardcore with the dense soundscapes and textures of Post-Rock.

We recently caught up with the band to discuss their latest release ‘Coping Without A Cure’, their life in lock-down, their musical tastes whilst growing up and addiction to Pepsi Max...

"I started playing piano at seven years old and the guitar at thirteen, as soon as I started jamming with friends I knew this was a great way to express myself. Touring was always a big life goal and now we’ve travelled the UK many times I’d love to cross the border and explore the world with the boys."

Firstly, I have to ask this at the moment, how have you guys been coping in the lock-down, what kind of things have you been up to since the lock-down came into effect?

Rich - Hello! Thankfully we haven’t been hit too hard by recent events, lock-down certainly put a pause on plans but we’ve powered through and are making the best of it. On a personal level video games and zoom quizzes have managed to stem the boredom.<