Introducing Mouth Culture

Welcome to ‘Introducing’. A feature dedicated to putting a spotlight on some of the greatest bands around. ‘Introducing’ showcases bands who may not be familiar with, but we feel you NEED to check out.

For this instalment on ‘Introducing’ we have Mouth Culture. A new and exciting UK based band from Leicester. In their brief time as a band they have had support from BBC, Kerrang!, Alt Press and many others as well as already having shared stages with bands such as Pulled Apart By Horses and Coast To Coast.

“We don’t wanna be “mouth culture that sounds like X” We want to be “mouth culture, that band no-one sounds like”. Nothing’s off the table.”

‘Sink’ is the band's latest single and emphasises with aplomb the bands motto to create “loud, emo inspired alt-rock”. The track drips with emo angst, rock energy and pop melody that all intertwine to create a truly unique sound.

I recently caught up with the band and when asked how the band how they got into music they said that, “As cliché as it sounds, it’s been a lifelong passion for all of us. I think the ‘holy shit’ moment was being featured artist of the week on Kerrang. That was like, fuck, Alex Baker likes us, he’s a sick guy. We’ve all had the same mind-set from the start that we want to do this for the rest of our lives, it’s never really been a question.