How Scene is... Lauren Babic?

She may be the front-woman for two hard hitting metal bands but the question remains just how scene is Lauren Babic? Well dear reader, the time has come for us to find out.

How? I hear you ask. Well, it's simple. We got Lauren to fill out a BuzzFeed quiz which will determine just how scene she is. Lauren simply tells us which of the following she has done and then as if by magic, we get a scientific exact percentage of just how scene Lauren is. On with the quiz...

(The things Lauren has done are highlighted in red)

Owned a pair of Converse

Written emotional lyrics on said Converse

Worn heavy, smudged eyeliner

Bleached/dyed your own hair

Take a high-angled selfie doing the “RAWR” face

Taken a high-angled selfie in general

Worn pre-ripped jeans

Ripped your jeans yourself

Worn fishnets under your ripped jeans

Worn a band tee

Yelled at your mom that your style is “not a phase!!”

Used the “XD” smiley face. In LITERALLY ANY context.

Cut your own side bangs

Straightened your hair within an inch of its life

Worn black nail polish

Referred to yourself as “Super random!! XD”

Used multiple “X”s in your usernames

Upload a picture of yourself doing the duck face to Myspace

Screamed the lyrics to “Ohio IS For Lovers” By Hawthorne Heights at the top of your lungs

Same goes for “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” by Panic! At The Disco

Attended Warped Tour/Slam Dunk Festival

Drawn fake star tattoos on yourself or a friend

Been obsessed with The Nightmare Before Christmas

Worn super tight skinny jeans

Had a LiveJournal

Desperately wanted snake bites

Actually gotten snake bites

Owned a studded belt

Got Ear Gauges

Moshed at a show

Posed with heart hands in a picture


As we can see Lauren has had a pretty scene lifestyle up until this point.

She had done 23 out of the 32 things in question which gives her an overall Scene percentage of...


That's ObSCENEly high.

74% puts Lauren at the top of our scene list so far, but were you can YOU beat our scene high score?

Take the quiz below and let us know your score in the comments.