How Pop-Punk are... Waiver Wire

They may be a four piece pop-punk band with a stellar debut EP but the question remains, just how scene are the band Waiver Wire? Well dear reader, the time has come for us to find out.

How? I hear you ask. Well, it's simple. We got the band to fill out a BuzzFeed quiz which will determine just how pop-punk they are. The band simply tells us which of the following they have done and then as if by magic, we get an accurate, unquestionably scientific overall percentage of just how pop-punk the band are. On with the quiz...

(The things the band have done are highlighted in red)

Owned a pair of Converse

Written emotional lyrics on said Converse

Worn heavy, smudged eyeliner

Bleached/dyed your own hair

Take a high-angled selfie doing the “RAWR” face