Couchsurf Interview

Couchsurf is not your everyday artist. From homeless to Harlem (NYC), he has not gone unnoticed. Couchsurf has travelled the country performing everywhere from private house shows to Vans Warped Tour in 2018 with Survival Kit. He aims to inspire the world with positivity and realistic views on self-growth.

His latest EP ‘Don’t Be Sorry, Do Better’ is one of the most upbeat, positive, pop tinged rock outings of the year and is an absolute blast from start to finish. We recently caught up with Couchsurf to talk about his debut EP, his upcoming single ‘Between My Thighs’ with partner Lexis Yelis and the time he did acid...

"It wasn’t until working huge music festivals that I fell back in love with live performance and had to get back into writing for those types of experiences. Music makes me whole and I couldn’t imagine building any other dream from scratch."

Firstly, I have to ask this at the moment, how have you been coping in the lockdown, what kind of things have you been up to since the lockdown came into effect.

I’ve been cooking a ton and loving being kind of lazy. I’ve lived in 4 states since the pandemic. Watched every season of American Horror Story. Written a bunch of bops. It’s been a hell of a time. It would have been a hell of a lot better if I was traveling and playing shows for people, but it hasn’t been bad.

Let’s be honest 2020 has been a weird year so far and things will probably be weird for a while. As an artist, especially an artist with your debut ep ‘Don't Be Sorry, Do Better’ releasing July 10th in the middle of the pandemic. How has this affected your rhythm? This is the time you would want to be out there promoting the tracks!

I would love to be out at festivals sha