Bury Tomorrow - Cannibal Review

'Cannibal', the sixth album in fourteen years from UK metal legends Bury Tomorrow, had a lot to live up to. The band reaped heavy critical praise for their previous effort, 2016's staggeringly brilliant 'Black Flame', but does'Cannibal', their latest effort, continue the upward trajectory for the lads from Southampton?

Well...eighteen seconds in and we have our answer. 'Choke' hits you like a splendid wrecking ball to the chest. Gritted teeth and balled fists are separated by crisp cleans which shows the band are absolutely not messing about. After listening to 'Choke' and the title track 'Cannibal', and only two songs into 'Cannibal', you get the feeling that Bury Tomorrow are pushing their way to the top of the Metalcore mountain. With 'Cannibal' the band are at serious risk of gunning down long time greats such as Killswitch Engage and Trivium.

'The Grey (VIXI)' & 'Imposter' will have you drifting off into Metalcore heaven with James's mesmerising vocals guiding the way and 'Better Below' is a stadium anthem in the making. If you listen closely you can already hear tens of thousands of fans screaming out "broken image, I am fallen" from the bound to be future festival favourite.