Bullet For My Valentine Albums Ranked

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Unless you have been hiding under a Welsh sized rock for the past decade, you know who Bullet For My Valentine are. The Welsh metal outfit were, for a short period, declared the future of metal. However, with the release of one album, they fucked up, BIG TIME.

Just two years after their inception, Bullet For My Valentine were supporting Metallica. They had legions of fans across the globe and thousands of young metal heads-to-be were sinking into their self loathing and blaring Tears Don't Fall at max volume into their angsty teenage friends faces. Bullet then made the mistake of releasing an album which was widely criticised and universally panned which hit the band HARD. Quickly after band members left and for a brief time, it looked like the band wouldn't make it.

The next couple of years saw bullet desperately return to their roots to bring back some of their alienated fans by returning to their heavier style of music.

6) Temper Temper