Asking Alexandria - Like A House On Fire Review

‘Like A House On Fire’ is a career defining moment for Asking Alexandria. After the return of Danny Worsnop in 2017 the band radically changed their musical style eschewing their Metalcore roots. Instead the band released a polished, radio-ready sound that made their intentions to follow the Bring Me The Horizon highway to the mainstream clear.

Because of this ‘Like A House On Fire’ feels even more important. With many fans opposed to the style of their 2017 self-titled release, ‘Like A House On fire’ is the moment where many Asking Alexandria fans will either decide if they’re still onboard with the band or to abandon ship for good.

Album opener and title track ‘House On Fire’ answers this question almost instantly. Gone are the guitar solos, replaced with pop style snare drums and barely a scream in sight. Anyone hoping for a return to the bands heavier roots is going to be disappointed. The track sounds more like a Kings Of Leon B-side than Asking Alexandria of the past.

On ‘Like A House On Fire’ the band have edged further into the realm of stadium-rock than ever before. ‘They Don’t Want What We Want (And They Don’t Care)’ and ‘Down To Hell’ are unashamedly gunning for the likes of Fall Out Boy and, although a little sloppy, are enjoyable enough. They just miss that certain spark of energy needed to become truly special.

‘Antisocialist‘ is where things start to get interesting. Although we continue with the very pop-heavy verses and beats, the stadium-rock chorus is a highlight and is the closest effort on the album Asking Alexandria come to pulling this off to their desired effect.

‘The Violence’ was the lead single from the album and is about as good a vertical slice as the album provides. If you like ‘The Violence’ then you are probably going to like ‘Like A House On Fire’. However, the album does nothing to appease fans of the bands earlier work, almost it seems out of spite.

Closer ‘Lorazepam‘ is a late redeemer. With lyrics “I’m not an addict I just sometimes fucking hate myself” being a highlight. The song brims with urgency and eventually provides one of the albums best choruses.

Asking Alexandria have shown on ‘Like A House On Fire’ that they committed admirably to their new sound. Hell, I would say that the biggest success of 'Like A House On Fire' is that it does not sound anything like they’ve done before. However, it’s all well and good alienating your existing fan-base for a shot at the big time with generic run of the mill stadium-rock anthems. But once your finished, who will be there to fill up the seats?


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