All Hours - Black Rose Review

The Brisbane quintet bring the energy on their newest release Black Rose and spoiler alert. It’s an absolute belter.

For the unaware, All Hours are five-piece post-hardcore/pop-punk band who hail from good ol’ down under in Brisbane, Australia. The band formed in 2015 and have been hard at work releasing material ever since. They wasted no time releasing their self-titled debut EP in the same year which was quickly followed by the bands second EP Sightseeing in 2017 and The Brightside EP in 2018. Their latest release, the single Black Rose, was released in November 2019 and ooh boy, it’s something special.

Black Rose continues to build the bands stellar signature pop-punk combined with post-hardcore sound which made their last EP ‘The Brightside’ an absolute blast. Right from the get-go the track grabs your attention and doesn’t let got for the run-time of just over four minutes.

Black Rose effortlessly combines the sublime, sugar rush intensity of a pop punk track with the intensity and adrenaline of a post-hardcore heavy hitter resulting in something truly special.

The vocals on display from Female Lead Danielle O’Gradyare simply staggering. Danielle brings an infectious, excitable energy to the track and her vocal range is simply outstanding. Both clean and scream vocals are executed perfectly here and quite honestly Danielle has never sounded better.

The guitar is infectious as all hell and somehow manages to fee raw and energetic whilst also sounding amazingly well produced and polished. Black Rose is a great way for the band to showcase of the bands style and shows them for the heavy pop-punk monster they really are.

Black Rose shows a huge amount of versatility and ambition from the band which culminates in a ridiculously catchy track. If you have ever dipped your toe in either the pop-punk or post-hardcore genre, or if you are looking for a great jumping in point, this is definitely a track you should check out.



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