A Beginners Guide To - IMMERSE

IMMERSE are a Bristol, UK, based post-hardcore quartet who are quickly becoming a well-established name in the UK music scene. The band have shared the stage with the likes of Holding Absence and Hacktivist and have achieved over 1 million streams with their debut album ‘Suffer’.

With the band blowing up in such an insane way, we devised a beginner’s guide to the band outlining everything you need to jump on the IMMERSE bandwagon before they power ahead to the big time.


Founded: 2018

Members: Archie Hatfield (Vocals), Tim Brown (Guitar), Ben Wilshere (Bass) and Josh Armitage Drums

Genre: Melodic Hardcore

Song you should listen to first: ‘Here’s Hoping’

First Single Release: The track ‘Distant’ October 19th, 2018

Debut Album Release: ‘Suffer’ released December 7th, 2018

Latest release: ‘Here’s Hoping’ July 3rd, 2020. Taken from their yet unspecified upcoming release

Next UK Tour Dates: January 2021

Favourite UK Festival: Download

Bands they want to tour with: Blood Youth and Dream State

Currently listening to: Oasis/Gideon/Phoxjaw/Deftones

Dream Guest vocalist to appear on an IMMERSE track: Joel Madden of Good Charlotte.

The band describe themselves as a mixture of “pop punk bands like The Story So Far to hardcore bands like Kublai Khan. We all like different things but enjoy bringing our ideas together to create something new. Our sound is a perfect blend of light and dark, heavy and soft and aggression and passion. We have a lot of influences from many genres but IMMERSE definitely takes most of theirs from the Pop punk and Hardcore area of music. We manage to sound fresh and familiar at the same time.”

There you go, you know have a complete beginners guide to the band IMMERSE. Remember this day, in ten years when the band make it to the big time, you were right here from the start.